Edmodo’s impact on Learning Outcomes

We recently ran an experiment to see if we could test the impact of edmodo upon learning outcomes. We did this with a group of year 9 students studying Pythagoras and Trigonometry.

The group of 25 pupils were tested to establish their knowledge and understanding of the topics which proved to be none. Next, over a two week period, their Maths teacher taught them the subject matter. As well as their lessons some of the students where given access to resources placed on an edmodo group.

At the end of the two week period the students were re tested. All the pupils had a target based on 3 levels of progress. It was against these targets that we chose to analyse the impact of the edmodo group.

The Results (Click here to see PREZI of results)

58% of the pupils who achieved their target level had access to the edmodo group

However by comparison only 35% of the pupils without access to the edmodo group achieved their target grade.

Whilst there are clearly many factors that will impact upon learning outcomes this initial experiment suggests that edmodo can impact learning outcomes.


Edmodo and success walk hand in hand

Last Tuesday marked the end of the year 7’s Cross Curricular Extended Learning Project-Superscreamer. This year the work of the students was supported by an Edmodo group which allowed students to collaborate on line. They did this in many ways:-
  • They asked questions of one another when they didn’t understand the project requirements.
  • They saught the encouragement of their peers when uncertain of how to approach the project.
  • They checked on one anothers progress.
  • They even congratulated one another at the end of the project.

When asked if the Edmodo Superscreamer group had helped them one pupil wrote,

“This group has been useful because when ever we are stuck on the Extended Learning Project (ELP) we can just ask the ELP group with the reassurance that someone will reply with an answer. It also helped us communicate with people we wouldn’t normally talk to at school.” 

There are also some interesting statistics. You can draw from these what you want.
76 pupils in year 7 joined the edmodo Superscreamer group (46% of the cohort). Of the 28 highest scoring pupils 19 where members of the group. So that’s 68% of the winners who were a part of the Edmodo Superscreamer group.
I can’t say that the 19 pupils that came in the top 28 did so because they were members of the Superscreamer Edmodo group but I might go as far as saying,
“Edmodo and success walk hand in hand.”

What’s edmodo doing for us?

What is edmodo doing for pupils?

It’s giving them access to a form of communication that they are familiar with, the social network. It is providing them with an opportunity and a safe forum to talk about work, with their peers and teachers. It is already allowing pupils to clarify tasks. Here is what two pupils had to say about how an Extended Learning Project group they joined on edmodo helped them gain clarity.

“This group has been useful because when ever we are stuck on the Extended Learning Project (ELP) we can just ask the ‘ELP group’, with the reassurance that someone will reply with an answer. It has also helped us communicate with people we wouldn’t normally talk to at school.”

“I have definitely found it useful if I need help I just ask on the edmodo ‘Superscreamer Group’ and someone replies.”

Pupils are accessing tailored quizzes generated by their own teachers and gaining instant results and feedback. They are being directed to relevant videos, websites and games based learning. Pupils are receiving detailed feedback for assignments, that is easy to access, enabling them to improve their work in their own time. This is ideal for pupils who don’t want to broadcast their efforts.

Pupils are asking specific questions of their teachers as they prepare for Year 11 exams;

“Miss, How are the melting points of ionic, covalent and metal substances different?”
Some pupils are just clarifying deadlines;
“When does BTEC science have to be in for?”
Sometimes they want to know if they are making progress or if their behaviour has improved. Other times they are asking how they can improve. I love this pupils honesty combined with a desire to change.
“Miss I’m not good at poems, I hate them. How can I improve on writing them?”
What is edmodo doing for teachers?
In many ways edmodo is enabling teachers to gather a clearer picture of how pupils are thinking and progressing by means of quizzes, polls, assignments and post replies.  Teachers are using annotation features, comment boxes and grading tools to quickly give feedback that is organised and easily accessible. As I use edmodo I am discovering how it builds relationships and is in essence restorative, as staff and pupils learn together. Both groups are collaborating to develop independent working practices and literacy in a new working environment.
Technology alone is never the answer.
There is generally lots of enthusiasm around the use of this new Social Learning Platform but we need to be careful that we don’t assume our work is done. Early adopters of this new technology, teachers and pupils, will soon lose interest if it doesn’t become integral to the needs of our learning community. Edmodo groups need to be dynamic, interactive and relevant. They need to encourage responsibility, ownership and independence. So they must be  monitored, ensure accountability and remain current.
Richard Hamlin

Mentors for year 6 edmodo group

This year, year 6 pupils, joining Carr Manor Community School in September, will be given the opportunity to join a specially formed edmodo group. This group will contain a selection of activities for the Summer holiday.  All Subject Teams are presently adding quizzes, videos and websites links, to name but a few resources, to the group.  The edmodo group is just one part of a comprehensive induction program being prepared by Andrea Thatcher to make the new pupils’ transition into the school a smooth one.  As well as enthusing pupils about the subjects they will study next academic year, the group should gather some informal data about their prior knowledge, interests and levels of literacy.  The group has also been assigned 5 mentors from this year’s year 7.  These mentors will support the year 6’s to complete the set tasks throughout the Summer break.
I’m looking forward to seeing how our young Mentors rise to the challenge.

Speed edmodo event

Today was the first “Speed edmodo” event at Carr Manor Community School.  There was a a good turnout for the event which was designed to meet the needs of everyone.  Staff were able to learn a range of skills from how to set up and manage groups through to setting and marking assignments. Most staff seemed to enjoy the experience holding meaningful conversations with the demonstrators and hopefully some even found their perfect match moving forward with edmodo.

Click on the link below to hear what staff had to say about the event.


Pupil asking for work

It’s fair to say I was really chuffed last week when a pupil posted on the Superscreamer site asking for a quiz. I was keen to assist in making his request a reality but knew with reports on the horizon he might have to wait a little while. Then I thought, I’m missing a trick here! Why don’t I get him to research and create a set of questions for me to post on edmodo using the quiz function. So a couple of posts later the pupil had researched and prepared his quiz and sent it to me via edmodo. It took about 15 minutes to copy his questions, from the Word document sent via edmodo, into the quiz tool. Before the weekend was over 5 pupils had completed the quiz. With a time limit of 30 minutes they will have had to work quickly to research their answers on the internet.
I plan to encourage the creation of more quizzes created by pupils for pupils.