This year, year 6 pupils, joining Carr Manor Community School in September, will be given the opportunity to join a specially formed edmodo group. This group will contain a selection of activities for the Summer holiday.  All Subject Teams are presently adding quizzes, videos and websites links, to name but a few resources, to the group.  The edmodo group is just one part of a comprehensive induction program being prepared by Andrea Thatcher to make the new pupils’ transition into the school a smooth one.  As well as enthusing pupils about the subjects they will study next academic year, the group should gather some informal data about their prior knowledge, interests and levels of literacy.  The group has also been assigned 5 mentors from this year’s year 7.  These mentors will support the year 6’s to complete the set tasks throughout the Summer break.
I’m looking forward to seeing how our young Mentors rise to the challenge.


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