Last Tuesday marked the end of the year 7’s Cross Curricular Extended Learning Project-Superscreamer. This year the work of the students was supported by an Edmodo group which allowed students to collaborate on line. They did this in many ways:-
  • They asked questions of one another when they didn’t understand the project requirements.
  • They saught the encouragement of their peers when uncertain of how to approach the project.
  • They checked on one anothers progress.
  • They even congratulated one another at the end of the project.

When asked if the Edmodo Superscreamer group had helped them one pupil wrote,

“This group has been useful because when ever we are stuck on the Extended Learning Project (ELP) we can just ask the ELP group with the reassurance that someone will reply with an answer. It also helped us communicate with people we wouldn’t normally talk to at school.” 

There are also some interesting statistics. You can draw from these what you want.
76 pupils in year 7 joined the edmodo Superscreamer group (46% of the cohort). Of the 28 highest scoring pupils 19 where members of the group. So that’s 68% of the winners who were a part of the Edmodo Superscreamer group.
I can’t say that the 19 pupils that came in the top 28 did so because they were members of the Superscreamer Edmodo group but I might go as far as saying,
“Edmodo and success walk hand in hand.”

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